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  • About Department

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering started in year 2000 with intake of 60. The department has grown-up considerably and has become a role-model to set the bench mark. Along with UG course it also runs PG courses in 3 disciplines and is a research centre for Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering.

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is committed to its mission of achieving excellence through all round development of its students by imparting high quality, research-oriented Post Graduate and Under Graduate education to produce competent technocrats. The department achieved the status of a Research Centre and through it the department encourages high quality research work in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. It is a matter of great pride that two of ours students, Mohit Dharwa and Nikita Singhal, received the Chancellor’s Scholarship.

    A highly qualified team of faculty members is the backbone of the Department. Apart from academic activities they are also instrumental in providing and organizing hands-on Training Program, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences. The department offers excellent computing facility through latest computer system, advance servers, multimedia kits, leading software, 24×7 internet facility etc. The student computer ratio is one is to one. To make our students globally-competitive, distinguished professional from industries, eminent researchers, expert speakers and guest professors are periodically invited to share their knowledge and expertise with us. Students are always motivated to join various technical and non technical societies and forum. The department is in the process of opening the Student Chapter and forming the special interest groups of students.

    Our students have proved their caliber by getting placed in companies such as TCS, Infosys, Hexaware, Accenture, Mphasis-EDS, Avaya, Convergys, Syntel, Persistent and Wipro etc. Our university exam’s results are also exceptionally good. Moreover, it is a matter of great pride that the overall theory toppers of the Institution mostly belong to Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The Department is striving hard to answer the real need for professional and technical expertise in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Vision of the department:

    To evolve as a centre of academic excellence in computer science and engineering by preparing technocrats possessing good domain knowledge, professional skill sets and high social values.

  • Mission of the department:

    To impart knowledge of fundamental principles and their applications through quality teaching, collaborative professional activities and ethical conduct, thus developing ability to provide solutions to problems in computer science and engineering.


  • PEO 1: Graduate will become an established professional in the field of Computer Science & Engineering and related fields with sound ethical values.

    PEO 2: Graduate will demonstrate all necessary engineering and scientific competence to become an entrepreneur in the field of computer science and engineering and allied field considering social and environmental issues.

    PEO 3: Graduate will possess solid foundation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering to be applied in their higher studies and research.

  • PSO 1: Graduates will be able to apply the knowledge of computing system principles in building system software components in web engineering, mobile & cloud computing.

    PSO 2: Graduates will be able to apply the theoretical foundation of computer science in modelling and developing solutions to the real world problems in soft computing domain.

    PSO 3: Graduates will be able to design and develop projects using modern tools including open source software platform in field of web technology, mobile computing and database design.


  • The department of Computer Science & Engineering is fully committed to provide research oriented quality education to the budding Engineers so that they not only contribute to the development and prosperity of the society and the nation but also can build a successful career. Departmental educational objectives primarily focus upon:

    • Providing our students solid foundation of science and engineering concepts for developing engineering aptitude.
    • Making our students learn cutting edge technologies and preparing our students to be readily absorbable in industry and for higher studies.
    • Department also encourages and motivates students to explore their potential in the domain of their own interest by organizing different technical/creative events like Conferences, Seminars, Hands-on Workshops, Code Competitions, Model Making and Gaming Activities.
    • Transforming students into successful professionals, who follow ethical practices, are always keen to learn new things and ready to face future challenges.

    To achieve these objectives department ensures the overall development of the students, may it be academic, scientific, technical, technological or personal.

    All The Best Student’s
    Dr.Vivek Sharma(HOD CSE)

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  • Computer Science & Engineering

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is well-equipped with some of the most defined and technically modern laboratories to provide a superior level of practical education to its students. The laboratories are specifically designed with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of A.I.C.T.E. and University. Advanced equipments and hardware/softwares are added to the laboratories each year thus keeping them updated.

    Major Laboratories

    • Java Technologies Lab/OOT Lab
    • Data structure Lab/Analysis & Design Of Algorithm Lab/BCE Lab
    • Operating System Lab/.Net Technologies Lab
    • Unix/Linux Lab/Minor Project Lab
    • DBMS Lab/SEPM Lab
    • CGMM Lab/CN Lab
    • Compiler Design Lab/Soft Computing/Project Lab
    • Cloud Computing Lab/Web Engineering/Major Project/Distributed System Lab
    • Computer Center/Basic Computer Engg Lab
    • Language Lab
    • PG-Research Lab
    • Additional Computer Center/Basic Computer Engg Lab


    View of few laboratories


    Students Working in the DBMS laboratory for creating database applications. Laboratory is equiped with Latest configuration 60 HP core 2 Duo systems with Oracle 11i and SQL Server 2005.

    CGMM/Computer Network Lab

    Neural Network LabStudents Working in the Neural Network laboratory for designing programs.Laboratory is equiped with Latest configuration 60 HP core 2 Duo systems with Matlab 7.0 .

    12 copy

    Data Structure/ADA Lab

    Data Structure LabStudents Working in the Data Structure laboratory for implementing applications of data structures. Laboratory is equiped with Latest configuration 60 HP core 2 Duo systems with C and C++ language.

    Project Lab

    Students Working in the open source laboratory. Laboratory is equiped with Latest configuration 60 HP core 2 Duo systems with Linux operating system and linux based C programming .


  • Future Of Computer science and Engineering

    The work processes of computer scientists are like those of natural scientists, and students could learn the processes of science in computing, perhaps more easily than when working with the physical world. Computing taught as a science will introduce computing as a powerful tool for supporting thinking. The department is working for the following:

    • The department has planned to organize a Technical Event every year in which we will have paper presentation and    various other technical activities.

    • The department organize extra lectures for weak students.

    • The department will organize social activities as a part of social service to the nation.

  • Final Year 2018
    1 Deepmala Jaiswal 0111CS153D04 8.84
    2 Veeshu Jain 0111CS141115 8.79
    3 Deepak Kataria 0111CS141032 8.71
    Third Year 2018
    1 MEENAL SHARMA 0111CS151068 9.07
    2 SALONI GUPTA 0111CS151097 8.9
    3 MANSI DUBEY 0111CS151066 8.87
    Second Year 2018
    1 SNEHA KUMARI 0111CS161114 8.93
    2 BHAVSAR DHEERAJ UMESH 0111CS161044 8.89
    3 KUMAR GAURAV 0111CS161061 8.74
    Final Year 2017
    1 ROSHNI AHUJA 0111IT131064 9.03
    2 PRIYANKA SHARMA 0191CS131079 8.92
    3 MANISHA RINGE 0111CS131056 8.68
    Third Year 2017
    1 DEEPMALA JAISWAL 0111CS153D04 8.82
    2 DEEPAK KATARIA 0111CS141032 8.87
    3 VEESHU JAIN 0111CS141115 8.87
    Second Year 2017
    1 Meenal Sharma 0111CS151068 9.27
    2 Saloni Gupta (SP) 0111CS151097 9.2
    3 Nikhil Tiwari 0111ME151173 9.1
    Following Students Qualify GATE Examination 2016
    S.N Name Roll No. Marks Gate Score All India Rank
    1 Shubham Choudhary 0111CS121097 45.08 575 2127
    2 Ayush Kumar 0111CS133D02 39.68 515 3556
    3 Parima Jain 0111CS121063 32.13 430 6782
    4 Sanchita Shrivastav 0111CS121085 26.76 370 10775
    5 Sobhit Tembhre 0111CS12102 30.28 409 7990
    6 Mihika Shrivastav 0111CS121054 25.57 356 11914
    7 Nakul Narwaria 0111CS121055 26.55 367 10938
    8 Amit Kumar 0111CS133D01 26.05 362 11415
    9 Naveen Yadav 0111CS121056 25.7 358 11749
    10 Dilip Rajput 0111CS121030 31.69 425 7116


    Toppers 2018

    Deepmala Jaiswal
    CGPA : 8.84
    Veeshu Jain
    CGPA : 8.79
    Deepak Kataria
    CGPA :8.71


    Toppers 2017

    Roshni Ahuja
    CGPA : 9.03
    Priyanka Sharma
    CGPA : 8.92
    Manisha Ringe 
    CGPA :8.68


    Toppers 2016

    Deepika Variyani
    CGPA : 8.95
    Sanchita Srivastava
    CGPA : 8.92
    Prachi Jain
    CGPA :8.9

  • Smart India Hackathon 2017 Organized by NCPCR, AICTE, MHRD,Child rights violation related news on one portal,Team members Gourav Tiwari, Alokik Yadav, Amey Satpute, Charu Shrivastava, Akshay Tetu, Amit Dhakad on 1,2-4-2017 First Runner up Prize 75000/-.
    National Level Hackathon, code@groundzero,Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Technocrats Institute of Technology organized final round of National Hackathon code@groundzero. The 9 Hr nonstop programming event comprised of code development for 32 problems per team, tech talks and rejuvenating music too. Hackathon was designed to inspire the creative and dynamic technophiles to put their skills to test, thereby identifying and rewarding the tech wizards. Highlight of event was in house developed web portal http://codeatgroundzero.in by SIH 2017 runner-up team.
    Total Overdose, a 2 days programming contest organized by CSE dept, Technocrats Institute of Technology . Over 150 students of CSE, IT and MCA students attended the inaugural function. Contest put to test the analytical, logical, and coding skills through 4 rounds on 10-11.10.2017.
    Workshop on Android Application Development on 19-20.09.2017
    Expert talk by Dr. D.P Agrawal Former Chairman UPSC  on Innovative Teaching Learning Process
    Wearegroot on clearing round 1st of EngiNX 2018 Digital Twin Challenge . The team also cleared 2nd Round.
    A TWO DAYS workshop on INTERNET OF THINGS [IoT] certificate of merit to all participants by IIT KHARAGPUR Date : 22-23/ march/2018
    A TWO DAYS workshop on INTERNET OF THINGS [IoT] certificate of merit to all participants by IIT KHARAGPUR Date : 22-23/ march/2018